Women Show Better COVID-19 Immune Response With T-cells Than Men: Study

The finding could shape a gender-based approach towards treating the disease.

Sohil Nikam

August 28, 2020

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A research conducted at a hospital in the United States has found that women infected with COVID-19 induce a better immune response via the body’s T-cells compared to men. T-cells are a form of lymphocytes that play a central role in the immune response of the human body. This new finding may guide a sex-based approach towards the treatment and care for those infected with the novel coronavirus. This research was conducted on 98 patients of ages 18 and more who were admitted to the Yale New Haven Hospital.

The COVID-19 patients who were observed in the study had mild to moderate cases of the disease. A previous study had shown that the severity of coronavirus disease tends to be higher for men than for women. However, the reason for this discrepancy had remained unclear. In the latest study, it was found that female patients mounted a more robust and sustained immune response via the body’s T-cells than men.

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