With Fishing Rod in Hand, Dwayne Johnson Captured Angling Across The Coast In Latest Instagram Post

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is known for creating social media buzz with even simplest moves. The Hollywood hunt again did the same as he appeared on a vacation in his latest Instagram post. Subsequently, the post started trending in the blink of an eye.


September 18, 2021


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Hollywood superstars with huge social media followings are hard to miss out on. From a big post to a tiny story, any action by celebs creates buzz across the spectrum. And with 269 million Instagram followers, Dwayne Johnson is enough to storm the social media with even the slightest movement. And, he has done the same with his latest Instagram post

The Trending Post

Fans, on Friday, chilled seeing their superstar ‘The Rock’ enjoying pool rides with his daughters. Soon, his next post celebrating Mexican Independence Day meant that the star will not be active for a while. Nonetheless, the 10-time WWE world champion was smart enough to deliver once again to his admires.

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In his latest post, shared just 18 hours ago, Dwayne Johnson appears classic, enjoying personal time by fishing for himself. Dressed in a vacation outfit, Dwayne showcases his bulky arms embedded with muscular features while holding the fishing rod in style.
Visible in a dark green full sleeves shirt, Dwayne is captured from the back, revealing the beast in his best form. His blue summer shorts strongly added a touch of summer holiday moments to the trending photo.
Appearing in the middle of Lake Casitas, California, in a white yacht, Dwayne is styled with a marvellous aviator spectacle and a beautiful greenish natural background. Not to forget the fact that posing from the side, the big beast has already driven fans crazy over his admirably flawless jawline.
Also, what is driving his fans crazy is how the Scorpion King played with words to draw a funny caption. Dwayne Johnson cleverly portrayed how he just missed one fish while trying his best. While the perfectly written caption also indicated how he was successful in catching many seaborne creatures.

A Family Man

Undoubtedly a family man, Dwayne Johnson is known for being a responsible father and a perfect husband. Even in his busiest hours and multiple projects schedules, Hollywood’s greatest hunk still appears posing with family at many holiday locations.

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