Winter In Delhi Becomes Critical, IMD Issues Orange Alert

Delhi’s temperature is dwindling rapidly. The country’s capital has recorded its temperature at 4℃. IMD has given an orange alert in regards to this temperature drop.

Tanvi Dhote

December 19, 2020

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Delhi’s chilling winter has finally begun. The temperature is falling rapidly in the country’s capital. So much so that IMD has already issued a warning. This warning is now an orange alert. Find out more details about Delhi’s falling temperature below.

IMD has issued a brand new warning for Delhi’s public. The Indian Meteorological Department has issued an orange alert in regards to the falling temperature. The temperature in India’s capital can fall down to 3℃. Since the last week, the temperature has been continuously dropping in the capital city.

The drop in temperature and icy winds are creating problems for Delhi’s citizens. Recently, the IMD had recorded temperature in Delhi at 4.1℃. Today’s recorded temperature confirms the IMD’s report. As IMD’s report turned out to be true, an Orange alert was released very soon. Furthermore, the IMD’s report also states that the temperature might drop lower than 3℃ and Delhi’s citizens should be alert in case this happens.

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While the country’s capital is facing issues due to a fall in temperature, many other Northern cities have received severe snowfall in the last few days. These cities are Srinagar, Gulmarg, Uttar Kashi, and Zojila tunnel. All the above-mentioned cities and territories are covered in snow. Even Kedarnath is covered in snow. This has further affected the flow of tourists and devotees visiting the Kedarnath temple and its surrounding areas.

Even though transportation has slowed down in Kedarnath, tourists are taking advantage of this situation. They are seen enjoying the ice-clad mountains and engaging in snow fights in the temple’s surroundings.

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10 years ago, Delhi’s temperature was 5℃. But on December 17, 2020, Delhi’s temperature was 4.1℃. Hence Delhi might be experiencing its worst temperature to date. As mentioned earlier, the cold icy winds in the country’s capital are making matters worse. Hence the IMD and several other news agencies reporting about the weather are urging people to step out only when necessary.

In Haryana’s Yamuna Nagar, the temperature has dropped further. Many people are battling this cold in unique ways. They are advising their fellow citizens to step out for morning walks and engage in physical activities and sweat it out.

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