Will Soundarya’s Recent Move End Her Friendship With Abhi, In Muddha Mandaram?

In today’s episode, things between Soundarya and Abhi seem to be getting bitter. Will Soundarya’s move leave any scope for redemption? Read here.

Sneha Bale

June 28, 2019


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For long, Abhi and Soundarya (played by Pavan Sae and Thanuja Gowda) have long been each other’s favourite enemies, in the Telugu serial Muddha Mandaram. However, since their performance of the play Varundhini Pravarakhya in college, things seemed to have changed for better. Soundarya developed a sense of respect and liking for Abhi, who performed with her despite an injury. Abhi, too, stopped fighting and completed his part just to keep his promise to her. Post the play, Abhi and Soundarya seemed to be two new people, who found deep respect and friendship for each other. However, good things don’t last too long.

Watch the episode snippet here:

In the latest episode, airing on June 28, 2019, Soundarya storms off to Abhi’s garage and asks him to reveal his true identity. When Abhi and Surya try to weave words and divert the topic, Soundarya warns them to stop lying. She tells them that the person behind the Ghattammaneni theft is not a secret to her anymore. She asks why he would do such a thing to a woman who has never wished ill for people, but Abhi refuses to tell the truth. Instead, he yells at her and Soundarya leaves the garage in a fit of rage.

Abhi and Surya In Muddha Mandaram
Abhi and Surya in Muddha Mandaram (Source: ZEE5)

Once she reaches a little further away from the garage, Soundarya dials up the police station and informs them about the thief hiding in ‘Indian Garage’. The furious Soundarya keeps telling herself that Abhi must be taught a lesson. Chandrika finds her and snatches her phone back. She also sees that Soundarya had called the cops and inquires about it. Chandrika blames Soundarya for single-handedly ruining Abhi’s career just because of her petty doubt. This makes Soundarya think twice and she goes to save Abhi from the cops.

But will she really be able to save him? Will Abhi accept his crimes? Just when things started to get better for the two, a new problem has consumed them. Will they be able to get out of it and start afresh? Stay tuned to find out.

In the meantime, watch Ninne Pelladatha on ZEE5.

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