Will Sathya Be Able To Save Her House From Greedy Velayutham?

Sathya amuses everyone with her clever wit and gives a befitting reply to her greedy uncle Velayutham. Scroll down to know more.


July 28, 2020


3 min


One of the much-celebrated shows on Zee Tamil, Sathya has finally made its comeback on July 27,  2020, and fans were too excited as they finally got to meet their favourite couple Sathya and Prabhu. In the latest episode, we can see that Sathya does not want to live with Prabhu as he is not ready to accept her as his wife. So, Sathya no more chooses to wait and hope for him to be back into her life.

On the other hand, Prabhu is unable to forget Divya and is confused about accepting Sathya as his lawfully wedded wife. Let us see how Prabhu plans to convince Sathya. But, there’s another problem in Sathya’s family. Sathya’s uncle Velayutha is demanding Sathya’s house and wants her family to vacate the space as soon as possible.

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In tonight’s episode, you will see Sathya’s cunning uncle Velayutham demanding the house. He also refuses to accept the amount offered by Prabhu. While everything seems impossible, Sathya cleverly handles her uncle. While Velayutham brings the people from the village for a panchayat to have the house in his name, Sathya agrees to his demands but she makes a request too, which takes Velayutham by surprise.

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Velayutham, who has a shop in the town, gets a huge profit from it. Sathya makes a valid point by saying if Velayutham wants the house in his name as it is his right to equally enjoy the perks of his father’s property, then as a grandchild she also must have equal rights on the shop left by her grandfather for his sons. As Velayutham realises that he will have to share the profits with Sathya and family, he decides to let go of the house.

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