Will iPhone 12’s 5G Proposition Actually Work For Apple?

As Apple launched 4 new 5G devices on Tuesday, there is still a doubt about the efficiency of these phones, especially in countries like India where service providers cannot match up to the required speed

Raghav N

October 15, 2020

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Apple recently introduced its new range of 5G  phones with its I Phone 12 line-up of four devices. Launched through a virtual medium on Tuesday, the tech giant said that they will start selling the new variants by November.

There is however a question on whether the blazing speed as promised with these models will be of any use in countries like India and in fact even in the United States. The service providers in India do not guarantee the kind of download and browsing speed as required by the 5G phones. In America, many telecom players have offered the 5G on lower spectrum plans, which give only slightly higher speed than the 4G.

South Korea, known to be one of the most technologically advanced markets may also not be a great bet for the new plan as yet, though companies like Samsung are expected to have a better holding there.

India will not receive the 5th generation mobile network before mid-2021 and many experts look at companies adopting the 5G devices route, more as a marketing gimmick rather than an actual enhancement of the phone’s swiftness. It will be sometime before the new proposition truly becomes a unique selling point (USP) for people.

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