Will Ayirendri Reveal The Truth Behind All Her Evil Plans In Maate Mantramu?

Ayirendri finds herself in a fix! Is it time to tell the Kakarla family who Murali is, and where the real Vamsi is?

Sneha Bale

January 2, 2020


3 min


In the Zee Telugu show, Maate Mantramu, the tables have turned. Nakshatra has put the spotlight on her mother, Ayirendri. Now, we have to wait and watch what happens when everyone pressurises Ayirendri into telling them the truth about all of her evil plans. Why was she trying to stop Nakshatra’s wedding? Where is Vasundhara? Who is the man posing as Vamsi? What’s the deal with Kantamma? All of these questions and more are sure to be answered! Before Ayirendri can spill the beans, here’s what we think is coming our way.

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Now that Nakshatra is married to Murali, she is happy helping Vasundhara and Vamsi unite. More importantly, the real Vamsi has finally reached out to Anand. Just as we expected, Anand has too many questions. While Nakshatra tries to help her sister and mother-in-law from the wrath of Jogendra, Anand accuses her of being the mastermind. But Nakshatra feels that she had it enough and decides that she is done backing her mother’s evil plans. And shockingly, Nakshatra drops the truth bomb. She tells her mother that it’s time for her to reveal the truth – behind all her ugly, evil and petty moves.

Everyone in Maate Mantramu
Everyone in Maate Mantramu

The wise men have always emphasized that good things happen to those to do good to others. By only helping Vasundhara once, Nakshatra has found a way to redeem herself. And this time, Madhura, Murali and his mother, are here to support her. Madhura explains that Murali had to fulfil his promise to Vamsi, which is why he pretended to be Vamsi. Ayirendri is in a fix. She has no cover and no alibi. Even her partner-in-crime, Kantamma, is nowhere to be seen. As hell breaks loose, we hope Ayirendri reveals the truth!

Stay tuned to what happens next and find more such updates here. You can also check out Naga Babu’s comedy show, Adhirindi on ZEE5 now.

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