Will Amma’s Kitchen Also Witness Success After Baba Ka Dhaba?

An old lady is struggling with her roadside stall due to the lack of customers as a result of the pandemic. Will she also become popular like the couple from Baba Ka Dhaba?

Raghav N

October 20, 2020

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The whole nation rejoiced a few weeks back when an old couple, the owners of the now famous Baba Ka Dhaba saw a massive jump in their restaurant business due to the power of social media. This was the result of a video shared by an online user, urging people to eat at the small food joint in Delhi’s Malviya Nagar.

Now, a similar story has emerged from Agra’s lanes where Bhagwan Devi, an old lady single-handedly runs a small eatery business. The once thriving open kitchen is hardly seeing any customers now due to the pandemic. Priced at just 20 rupees a plate, the septuagenarian serves a wholesome meal comprising dal, roti, rice and vegetables to her customers.

Abandoned by her two sons, Bhagwan Devi has been running her stall for close to 15 years now. She says she will not be able to sustain for long if the situation does not improve for her.

The aftermath of Coronavirus, especially for the lower sections of society has been catastrophic. However, after a three-month break, the elderly woman somehow managed to reopen her stall, though she is still waiting for the kind of traction that her Delhi friends managed to get.

Agra has reported more than 6,700 cases till now and recorded 138 fatalities due to the infection.

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