Wild Elephant Breaks Into West Bengal’s Putimari Village, Destroys A Tea Farm!

Reportedly, a wild sub-adult elephant strayed into Putimari village of West Bengal’s Jalpaiguri district. It destroyed a nearby tea plantation, however, was later driven away by the forest guards.

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June 22, 2021

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Due to deforestation, instances of wild animals looking out for alternate places are not something new. Often, they break into human habitats! In a similar instance, a wild sub-adult elephant strayed into Putimari village of West Bengal’s Jalpaiguri district. Reportedly, it reached a tea plantation and destroyed it completely. The elephant entered from the nearby Bhaikhuntupur Forest and stayed at the tea farms for several hours. Pictures of this incident are making rounds, all over the internet.

Furthermore, the elephant was resting near a bamboo plantation after which the villagers approached forest guards. It took a total of 100 guards along with some senior officers to drive away the animal back to the forest. Fortunately, no casualties were reported. In an interview, the Assistant Divisional Forest Officer explained how it took a whole day for the team to just observe the elephant. Later on, they decided to drive the animal into the forest.

“We received information that a wild elephant entered a village. Our team reached the spot to drive away the animal. Later we started observing it for the whole day. In the evening time we successfully sent him back to the forest,” he was quoted saying.

Well, instances of elephants breaking into tea plantations have been quite common in Bengal’s neighbouring state Assam. Reportedly, for the past two decades, there has been a pandemonium like situation between the farmers and these wild animals. Of late, many wildlife conservation programmes have been set up by the government to resolve the issues.

Research states that elephants in Assam use tea plantations as a landmark while travelling to the forests. Also, female elephants consider these farms as a safe place to give birth.

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