Why You Should Stay Away From A Person Like Kaido From Heer-Ranjha


April 29, 2020


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1. Kaido’s mind is full of negative thoughts

The re-imagination of Heer-Ranjha has found its loyal audience, thanks to the honest performances by Amaninder Pal Singh aka Ranjha, Sara Gurpal aka Heer, Raghav Gautam aka Babban, Harminder Kaur aka Nimmo and Rahul Jaitly who plays Kaido. Currently, Kaido is the most hated person on the show, there are many qualities for hating him – hopefully, no one ever has to encounter a person like him. Here’s why

There is not a single moment in the show when Kaido has not spread poison with his negative thoughts. He has only one intention for others – their destruction. He always wants bad for his family, for his elder brother and for Heer. Kaido has been jealous throughout his life and he doesn’t want anyone to prosper. 

2. Kaido Respects No One

Be it someone elderly like Heer’s father or someone younger like Heer herself, Kaido never treats anyone with respect. He has an evil eye on everyone. Kaido is unmarried and has even tried to molest many girls. Few of them were strong enough to protest and fight with him, and few just ran away from his clutches. 

3. Kaido is Arrogant

You’ve never seen anyone more arrogant than Kaido. He insults anyone without thinking of the repercussions. When a Jogi visited Heer’s house, Kaido insulted him as well. Kaido has nothing to be arrogant about, but he behaves like that because of his big ego. 

4. Kaido is Shameless

With a high level of arrogance, comes shamelessness – something that Kaido is a master at. Right from the very first episode, Kaido has been criticized by his family and friends for his thoughts and views but it hasn’t changed Kaido at all. Even Heer has insulted him without any mercy. Still, he has continued his journey of hate, destruction and spoiling things for everyone, every time. 

5. Kaido is disloyal to the core

You can trust a snake but you just can’t trust Kaido. He has murdered innocents from Takht Hazara and Jhang just to ignite bloodshed. He has killed Dheedo aka Ranjha’s father Mojju. He is not loyal to his older brother nor to his niece Heer. In the end, he will solely be responsible for the separation of Heer-Ranjha. 

So, if you come across or notice someone with such qualities, Bhajo udharo, door raho us bande tau. A person like Kaido will never improve and they will always create negativity around you. 

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