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Why Aly Goni Aka Surya Sethi Of Jeet Ki Zid Is The Best Friend We All Need!

Vatsal Thakore

February 2, 2021

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Surya Sethi in Jeet Ki Zid, played by Aly Goni, is the friend we all need. Read here to know why.

Jeet Ki Zid on ZEE5 is the latest show starring Amit Sadh, Amrita Puri, Aly Goni and Sushant Singh. It narrates the story of Major Deependra Singh Sengar, a Kargil hero. Major Sengar, in the Kargil war, had suffered a severe injury that made him unable to walk again. In the show, Major Sengar had a friend, Surya Sethi, who we think is the best friend one can get. Read on to know more about it.

Amit Sadh plays the role of Major Deep Singh Sengar, who aims to make it big in the army. In his earlier journey, he takes up boxing, where he faces another officer, Surya Sethi (Aly Goni). Surya is shown as an undefeatable champion, who defeats Deep in boxing. After the boxing match, seeing his technique, Surya understands Deep. He recognizes that Deep has a lot of anger in him which made him defend for long. Post this understanding, their friendship begins.

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There comes a moment when the army officers, to go to a ball, need to ask women to accompany them. Deep being a shy person is unable to do this and is ready to give up going to the ball. Surya steps up in the situation and convinces a girl to accompany Deep to the ball. Surya was the perfect wingman in Deep’s earlier days and that’s just another reason that makes him a good friend.

When Deep decides to go to the Special Forces, Surya braces him for it, saying that the SF have a low selection rate. However, when Deep does not get selected, Surya keeps him motivated to not give up.


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Surya again shows his perfect wingman-ship when Deep visits his wedding. Surya asks his friend Jaya (Amrita Puri) to stay with Deep during the function. Later in life, Deep and Jaya go on to marry each other.

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After Deep suffers his fateful accident and is left demotivated, Jaya calls Surya to lift him up. Surya, without any second thought, visits Deep to support and uplift him. Surya helps Deep in all the aspects. When Deep, in his frustration, shrugs Surya off and dismisses him, Surya does not take it personally. He understands Deep’s pain and does what he needs.

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Whether happy or sad, cheerful occasions or painful experiences, Surya was with Deep in all the situations. He was not only his wingman but also his guide and support during the tough times. Surya was an understanding and empathizing friend, that everyone in the world needs.

Watch this amazing friendship in Jeet Ki Zid on ZEE5.

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