Why Mitali Varadkar’s Character In Nashibvaan Screams Woman Power

The actress plays Bhau Kadam’s wife in the film and her character is powerful and inspiring. Why do we say so? Read inside!

Rukmini Chopra

June 18, 2019


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After a long wait, women are finally getting their due in films. We are getting to see strong female characters, calling the shots and taking charge of the narrative. That has been the case lately in Marathi films, where inspiring characters such as Archi (Riku Rajguru) from Sairat, Pooja and Kaveri (Sai Tamhankar and Priya Bapat) from Vazandar, Halim (Pritam Kagne) from Halal etc., have vowed the audiences. Mitali Varadkar joins the list with her her role as Geeta in Nashibvaan

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The actress plays Babanrao’s (Bhau Kadam) wife in the film and her character is a reminder that it’s not necessary for the man to wear the pants in the house. Though Babanrao brings in the money, Geeta runs the house and keeps a check on her man. Babanrao eventually starts stealing money to run his house and she isn’t oblivious to this fact. Geeta asks him to return the money and when he doesn’t listen, she leaves the house. She isn’t one of those who will settle for an unethical man. Her values are strong and she is ready to leave behind comfort for self-respect.

Geeta also discovers that Babanrao has been cheating on her and instead of turning a blind eye towards it, she decides to teach him a lesson. She walks out without batting an eye-lid and even takes some of his money. When Babanro comes looking for it, Geeta makes him realise how greedy and immoral he has become. And even though she has no money and nowhere to go, she tells Babanrao that she won’t come back home with him and will start a new life.

A Still From Nashibvaan
Source: ZEE5

The way Geeta handles Babanrao’s bratty ways is empowering. It’s a reminder that women no longer need to tolerate a man’s nonsense, just because the society expects them to. Geeta hails from a poor family and is surrounded by orthodox people who can easily judge her. And yet, she does what is right and isn’t afraid. Her character is an inspiration to women who find themselves in a similar situation and are looking to break free.

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