Why Are Young Indians Obsessed With With K-Drama? Read Below

Ever wondered why K-Drama is so popular? Then read ahead to know.

Simren Rodrigues

October 28, 2020


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Korean Drama or popularly known as K-Drama has taken the entertainment industry to another level. The extreme fandom it receives is overwhelming. This Korean cultural popularity is called Hallyu which stands for Korean Wave. Korean wave refers to how the Korean entertainment industry is spreading worldwide. Are you a fan too? Or just wondering what is the entire K-Drama chaos? We’ve got you covered with a list of reasons as to why K-Drama has become the new cult among the audience. Read on to know why Korean drama is so popular, the most popular K-dramas you can stream on ZEE5 and many other details.

1. The most talented and charming cast of all Korean Dramas

Before the plot, what catches your eyes first is the cast of the show or movie. Korean Dramas feature some of the most enthusiastic and talented cast of the industry. Whether it’s a romantic role to play or a thriller character that will leave you speechless, the talented actors of the industry bring their A-game to the table. And not forgetting some of the eye candies too. To name a few of the actors that stole fans’ hearts are Seo In Guk, Nam Joo Hyuk and So Ji Sub.

2. Cultural diversity

It’s never bad to learn a new culture, and that’s why K-Dramas have become so popular. People are falling head-over-heels in love with the Korean culture. While some of the fans are also adopting them in their day-to-day lives. Watching Korean dramas you learn and unlearn different aspects of your culture along with the Korean culture. From societal norms to food culture and also the clothing style, it has it all.

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3. A new vocabulary to learn

With Korean dramas, you can also add new vocabulary to your list. Fans are going gaga and are learning Korean to understand the song lyrics and even the dialogues of the shows and films. In this manner, they are able to bond with the character or the music in a better manner.

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4. Availablity of the shows/films

If you are a fan, fret not, because ZEE5 has got with covered. Movies such as A Man and a Woman, Confession of Murder, A Company Man and many other K-Drama films and shows are available on ZEE5.

Head over to ZEE5 to check out the latest K-Drama shows and movies!



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