Who’s Your Daddy 2 Star Bhavin Bhanushali Spills Some Interesting Beans About His Personal Life

Know some unknown and interesting facts about Who’s Your Daddy 2 Star Bhavin Bhanushali.

Aditi Sharma

January 14, 2021


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Who’s Your Daddy 2 is a ZEE5 Original starring Bhavin Bhanushali, Sameeksha Sud, and Mamik Singh. It is a narrative about an orphan boy, Shooshan, who sets out to find his biological father. Recently, we had a fun conversation with Who’s Your Daddy 2 star Bhavin Bhanushali where the actor gave us information about his habits, what he dislikes the most and also which co-star he would love to work with again from Who’s Your Daddy 2 cast. Know more about Bhavin Bhanushali with these unknown facts about the actor.

Bhavin Bhanushali portrayed the character of Shooshan in Who’s Your Daddy 2. Unlike Shooshan who wakes up early to find his father and spent most of his time running errands, Bhavin Bhanushali shared that he is not a morning person at all. He also mentioned that he loves to party at night and roam around the city. While Shooshan delivered pizzas and also worked as a masseuse, Bhavin on the other hand has a bad habit to stay in bed for long hours and he is also lazy.

Bhavin Bhanushali was seen romancing two girls in Who’s Your Daddy 2, when asked about that one perfect date idea he would like to do for his significant other in real life, he said that he would like to go on a long drive, have a deep conversation, followed by a candlelight dinner and then dropping her home.

While most celebrity stars are quite focussed towards fitness, Bhavin Bhanushali is a total mood as he hates gym or yoga and loves to eat. He even went on to say that every meal is a cheat meal. (#relatable) While this wasn’t it, he even told his new year resolution is to hit the gym which most of us also promised but ended up breaking it.

Do you know Bhavin Bhanushali has a huge crush on Alia Bhatt? He was asked to select a celebrity he wants to spend time with and he selected Alia Bhatt saying that he a has a huge crush on her. Bhavin loves to go to Dubai and he also expressed that he would love to take Alia Bhatt to accompany him as she is his favourite actress.

Interestingly, the actor mentioned that he would love to work with Sameeksha Sud again. Sameeksha and Bhavin share a great bond with each other and so they even faced an uncomfortable moment during Who’s Your Daddy shoot. Bhavin dropping some insiders told us that in one scene he was supposed to come close to Sameeksha and he was quite uncomfortable as she is a very good friend to him.

Talking about Who’s Your Daddy 2, he revealed three reasons for his fans that make this ZEE5 series a must-watch and that is it has a lot of confusion, comedy and he is a part of it. He also said that Shooshan was more of an emotional character and he would love if he would have been more strong and intense.

Bhavin Bhanushali also talked about his career and said that he was a science student but got slowly inclined towards art and so he decided to go for auditions. He made his acting debut with ZEE show Khelti Zindagi Aankh Micholi. Since then, he worked hard and has been a part of several shows.

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