WHO Succumbs To Chinese Pressure; Excludes Taiwan From Key Meet

WHO has decided to exclude Taiwan from every meeting that will be held even though the country has managed to stem the growth of COVID-19.


May 13, 2020


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Taiwan is seen as one of the few places that have curbed the spread of the coronavirus without resorting to draconian measures. However, they are still locked out of membership in the World Health Organisation (WHO) due to their complex relationship with China.

China, on the other hand, claims Taiwan, as its province, has no right to represent itself on a global platform or in international organisations such as the WHO and so has objected to the same.

This means that Taiwan has been exempted from any kind of meetings or expert briefings with regard to the global pandemic. Stanley Kao, a Taiwanese official, has also mentioned that they have been denied permission to attend the World Health Assembly’s annual meetings in recent years. WHO cited ‘divergent views’ among the member states.

Taiwan has also pointed out that it learned many lessons from managing its coronavirus outbreak which could be shared with the world.

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