Who Is The First Woman To Be Hanged Till Death Since India’s Independence? Full Details Inside!

Shabnam, a woman from Bavankhedi, Uttar Pradesh, becomes the first woman of Independent India to receive death by hanging sentence.

Vatsal Thakore

February 22, 2021

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In 74 years of Indian independence, this is the first time that a woman will be hanged to death in India. The woman named Shabnam, has been sentenced to be hanged to death for multiple murders. Read on to know about the case.

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Shabnam and Salim, a couple from Bavankhedi village of the Amroha district of Uttar Pradesh, together conspired and killed the entire family of Shabnam. Shabnam was issued the death sentence by all the courts – the district court, high court and the Supreme Court. After the verdict from the Supreme Court, Shabnam also filed for a mercy plea to the President of India, which was also rejected, making her the first woman of Independent India to receive the sentence of death by hanging.

A single child in her family, Shabnam did an MA in Geography and English. Salim, on the other hand, was a labourer, who had failed in the fifth grade. Due to this, Shabnam’s family had been opposing their relationship. On the night of 14th April, 2008, Shabnam drugged her whole family of 7, including her parents and her 10 months old nephew, making them unconscious. Following this, they killed her family with an axe.

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After killing her family, Shabnam lost her sanity and began crying and screaming. Hearing her, everyone from her neighbourhood gathered and found her crying with her family members lying dead. This incident had shaken the whole nation when it made the headlines. Initially, Shabnam had alleged that some thieves had entered the home and killed her family, but on further investigation, the cops found out the truth. Shabnam will be hanged at the Mathura jail after her death warrant is issued.

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