WHO: COVID-19 Virus May Spread Through Respiratory Droplets Floating In The Air

Scientists from 32 countries have asked WHO to confirm if Coronavirus is spreading through small respiratory drops in the atmosphere.

Neel Raju Nalawade

July 8, 2020

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Around 200 scientists across the globe claim that the Coronavirus can be spread through the air. A few days ago, they urged the World Health Organisation (WHO) to check the airborne transmission of the Coronavirus. WHO admits that COVID-19 may be airborne but did not confirm it. In an official statement, the WHO said that it “can’t rule out airborne transmission.”  239 scientists from 32 countries have asked the WHO to look into mounting evidence that the Coronavirus is spreading through small respiratory drops floating in the air.

Reports also state that the Coronavirus spreads rapidly in crowded areas or places where there is no proper ventilation. Scientists suggest that pubs, schools, and other places should develop a facility to kill the air droplets. They say that the use of UV light may help and wearing a mask will substantially prevent the spread of the virus.

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