Which ‘Shaadi Ke Siyape’ Character Are You? Take The Personality Test

Ashutosh Oak

May 31, 2019


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Fancy Aunty


The most favourite and popular character from the show Shaadi Ke Siyape is Fancy Aunty. This lady runs a marriage hall which was started by her husband who went missing. Fancy aunty is known to be organised, disciplined and strict, but at the same time she is also helpful and kind-hearted. Despite the world telling her about her husband never returning back, she is positive about it and feels that he will return. Are you optimistic about everything in life and love to be organised?



As we all know, Bijli is one naive and enthusiastic character on the show. She is proud of her beauty and she is a charmer indeed. As she has the power of reading minds, we can say that those who can get intuitions about another person’s character will relate to this character truly.



Virat is the captain of the team as he is the one who stands in front to take on any problems and challenges to save the team. He is an ardent music lover and does everything in style. His superpower is breathing fire which can be taken as the one person who speaks blunt no matter who gets hurt. Are you like Virat who chooses to be honest with everyone?



Despite being the villain, we have included this character for her dedication and spirit of not losing the game. This quality of hers is worth appreciating. She is the one who can manipulate anyone around her and get things done. Also not to forget her love for cats! Keeping the negative part aside, do these qualities of Katrina similar to yours?

Shlokeshwar Pandit


This character from the start of the show has been an observer of things that happen around him. Shlokeshwar Pandit carefully judges the situation and applies the right logic behind everything. Also, he has subtle sarcasm which the audience loves to watch. His superpower includes copying others power and we take this as the one who can quickly learn new things and use them for their benefit. Do you think this character somewhat resembles your personality?



Nanku is the most hardworking and dedicated among all the other characters. He is a well-read and knowledgeable person in the group. Not only this, but he also loves to cook food and that is why he is appointed as the chef at Fancy aunty’s marriage hall. Nanku’s superpowers include running fast and which can be taken as doing tasks quickly. Do you think this is how people refer to you?

Which character do you think relates to you more? Let us know in the comments section below.

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