Which Of Your Favourite Sandalwood Stars Are Trending On Social Media? Find Out

While Instagram is the new in-thing, take a look at some of the trending actors on social media!


May 9, 2020

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The lockdown is giving everyone a hard time, but we are finding ways to cope with it anyway. Our Sandalwood stars, too, are up and about, entertaining us with small snippets of what they are doing with their time at home. As for social media, we have a number of actors who are trending like never before!

There are some actors who are now being called ‘Social Superstars’ because of the amount of content they have been uploading. Darshan, Puneeth, Yash, and Sudeep are at the top of this list. If it weren’t for our top chocolate boys, then who else would it be? While Yash has over two million followers on Instagram, Puneeth has one million followers on the same platform.

Other stars like Chandan Shetty, Srii Murali, and Rakshit Shetty have also been trending as they entertain their fans on a regular basis.

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