Which Of The Two Personalities Played By Balu Nagendra In Huliraya Did You Like Best? 

With the constant conflict between a boy from the forest to a man from the city, Balu has performed brilliantly in the movie.

Parinika Uchil

April 28, 2019


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Huliraya, directed by Aravind Kaushik and starring Balu Nagendra in the lead role, surely has made us think beyond the perspective of everyday masala films. Instead, it focuses on the different personalities of Suressa (played by Balu Nagendra) by placing him in different environments. For an actor, it is important to have a versatile outlook towards any opportunity that they get. So, for Balu, playing Suressa’s role in the most natural way possible was imperative.

To know which personality suited Balu best, watch the film here:

Looking into the intricacies of the film, Balu Nagendra took a lot of time to prepare for the character of Suressa. Born and raised in a forest, Suressa is forced to go to the city when he comes of age by his mother. Without much of a choice, he goes to the big city but unfortunately hates it. His way of coping with the city life ends up more of a disaster which ultimately forces him to live up to the name of Huliraya (part man; part tiger).

Suressa As A Local Kaadu Boy
Suressa As A Local Kaadu Boy

To make this character a success, it was important for Balu to terrorise the viewers with his onscreen persona. This he achieved by first intimidating crew members during the shoot. For best results, he constantly stayed in his character even when he wasn’t shooting. The versatile part of him appears when he falls in love with not one but two women while staying in constant conflict of his two worlds, the forest and the city.

Suressa After Returning From The City
Suressa After Returning From The City

For his first film in a lead role, I am sure many of you would agree that his experience in theatre acted as a blessing in disguise.

What about Balu’s acting did you like the best? Did you ever experience a situation where you too had to play two personalities? Awaiting your comments in the space below.

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