When Steven Spielberg ‘directed’ Drew Barrymore’s daughter

Talking on the chat show, Drew Barrymore revealed that one day at dinner with Steven Spielberg he ‘directed’ her daughter


September 9, 2021


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Recently on the Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, Charlie’s Angle actress Drew Barrymore while talking to the host of the show highlighted a recent dinner she and her daughter, Frankie Barrymore, had with Steven Speilberg.

Speilberg is the director of one of Barrymore’s first films, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. It was with her role in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, that Barrymore rose to popularity as a child actress. It is believed, the director has been a father figure in her life since she was a child.

The surreal moment

Because Frankie, Barrymore’s youngest kid is around the same age as Barrymore was when she filmed that film, Spielberg decided to have some fun with her. “He said, ‘Frankie, I want you to say this line: “Alligators in the sewers,” Barrymore recalled. “And she did. And then he looked at me like, ‘Yep, she’s got it.’ And it was so surreal to me, to have that ‘circle of life’ moment. It was so trippy.”

Barrymore was just six years old when she delivered that line on the big screen during a dinner scene. “It was a moment where I was like, ‘I can’t believe Steven’s directing my daughter at the same age, this is just so surreal,’” Barrymore added. And, while Barrymore says she would fully support her children if they wanted to be performers, she doesn’t see them as such. That’s what made everything so strange for her. E.T that released in 1982 and was an instant hit, surpassing Star Wars as the highest-grossing film of all time. It was a record that the film held for 11 years before being overtaken by Jurassic Park, another Spielberg masterpiece.

Trivia about E.T.

E.T. was critically lauded and is largely regarded as one of the best films of all time, winning four Academy Awards at the 55th Academy Awards. E.T. the movie, which is believed to be plagiarised from the legendary Indian film director Satyajit Ray’s 1967 script of The Alien. Ray did not pursue legal action against the Director, as Ray did not want to come across as “vengeful” against Spielberg and instead had appreciated his movie direction.

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