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When Jasbir Jassi Laughed His Heart Out On Hasdeyaan De Ghar Vasde


June 6, 2020

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Punjab’s gem, acclaimed singer Jasbir Jassi, visits his friend Gurpreet Ghuggi’s show! Read on to what know happens next.

Every time a new episode of the Punjabi TV show Hasdeyaan De Ghar Vasde is released, you are in for an entertaining ride. After actors and comedians, the host welcomed his friend and acclaimed singer Jasbir Jassi to the stage for a musical, comical night.

Watch Jasbir Jassi with Gurpreet Ghuggi and Khushboo Grewal here:

When Gurpreet Started On An Emotional Note

Usually, Gurpreet starts the show on a funny and light note. He sets up the environment by cracking jokes about the current scenario. In this episode too, Gurpreet mocked the emerging influence of smartphones among the youth. But then he took a turn and spoke about how we have become ignorant about our own loved ones despite existing in the same space as them because we are so lost in our gadgets. We have a medium to connect with our people, but we avoid them. Many a time, elders expect calls from their children, but they’re too busy taking selfies and wasting their time on the phone to call.

Gurpreet Ghuggi mocking the selfie concept (Source: ZEE5)

The Yaarana Of Ghuggi And Jassi

Ghuggi welcomed singer Jasbir Jassi with full energy and Jassi further charge-up the evening by making an entrance with his song Ek Geda Gidhe Vich Hor and makes Ghuggi and Khusboo dance to his tunes. After the performance, Ghuggi proudly adds that he’s happy with his friend’s achievement, and he shares that during their initial struggle, they used to ride on the same bicycle. They used to fight about who gets to pedal the cycle, but then they decided that the one who is going to work will pedal the cycle, and the other one will sit on the back seat.

Gurpreet Ghuggi, Khusboo Grewal, Jasbir Jassi (Source: ZEE5)

When Jassi’s Father Opposed His Talent

Jasbir’s father, Ajit Singh was good at singing, but he did not like Jasbir being drawn to singing. Jasbir shares that in his village, singing was not considered a career, and there was no one who had tried singing and become successful. He further adds that his beeji and sisters were very supportive and had full faith in him. With time and superhits songs like Heer, Dil Legi Kudi Gujrat Di, Jasbir became an overnight sensation and there was a time where he couldn’t meet his sisters as there was a sea of people who mobbed him.

Jasbir Jassi (Source: ZEE5)

Why Jasbir Stopped Listening Hans Raj Hans Songs

Jasbir shares that his inspiration comes from listening to Hans Raj Hans and Gurdas Maan songs, and that he is a follower of Mohammad Sadiq, and Shaukat Ali Khan. Once he realised that he had started imitating Hans’s singing style, he met Hans, who told him that if wants to grow, then he has stop listening to him. Thus, now he avoids listening to Hans’ songs.

Hasdeyaan De Ghar Vasde (Source: ZEE5)

So this is how Jasbir gets a reason to laugh and Gurpreet puts up an entertaining episode. Do watch it and let us know in the comment section below.

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