When Ariana Grande heard her song on Gossip Girl

The Grammy winner, 28, spoke to Allure about his new cosmetics brand and took a break to discuss the upcoming Gossip Girl resuscitation



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While watching her favourite TV show, Ariana Grande had a full-circle fan experience. The Grammy winner, 28, spoke with Allure about her new cosmetics line, pausing briefly to talk about the forthcoming revival of Gossip Girl. Grande claimed she was binge-watching HBO’s Max drama when her song “Positions” came on during a pivotal scene.

“Sorry! Will anyone warn me when f —— titles come in and Kristen Bell’s voice starts saying Gossip Girl stuff and my song is going to be in the background?”  she remembered her reaction according to E!  News, “Does anyone just want to warn me? Because I had a heart attack.”  She said further, explaining that the surreal moment came full circle for her.  “You know, I was a young girl who saw Gossip Girl religiously growing up. And then I’m sitting here …”

Meanwhile, the second half of Season 1 of Gossip Girl will be broadcasted in November, and the streaming service recently announced that the programme had been renewed for a second season. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, the Gossip Girl cast and creators revealed why Bell’s return as the voice of the all-knowing Gossip Girl was a “necessity.” Creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage had said that if Bell declined, they would not do the adaptation, according to showrunner Joshua Safran.

“It wasn’t really a conversation,” Safran said. “Josh and Stephanie were like, if she doesn’t want to do it, let’s all walk away.” “When we approached her, she said, “Of course I want to do it.” And, of course, without Kristen, there is no Gossip Girl. It’s not just her voice, either; it’s her entire being.”

Safran went on to say, “Her voice carries her soul, and you feel as though you’re part of the show. When there’s a temp, it doesn’t feel like the show without her, but when you hear her voice, you’re like, “There it is.”

According to Variety, the second half of Gossip Girl’s first season will premiere in November, and the streaming service recently confirmed that the programme had been renewed for a second season.

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