When a Starbucks coffee cup almost ruined the movie plot

There have often been times when fans and eager eyes have spotted a Starbucks coffee cup in a movie scene set in the 1800s



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Film-making is a meticulous and often demanding job. Despite all the care, a Starbucks coffee cup in the frame is certain to leave the fans in splits and fuel the wild imagination of meme makers.

Even a movie such as The Matrix was not spared the blushes when the discerning eyes spotted a camera hidden inside the jacket reflecting from a doorknob in one of the scenes. The reflective surface gave the game away.

While Johnny Depp enthralled his fans with the Pirates Of The Caribbean series, curious eyes spotted a film crew member in the frame in The Curse Of The Black Pearl. Braveheart, an epic historical drama set in the 13th Century saw cinema lovers spot a white van parked in the back.

The first known variant of the automobile was not heard of till 1769. It is not that only mainstream films had their share of these slip-ups. One spotted a mouse sneaking around Buckingham Palace in season four of The Crown’s third episode title Fairytale. Likewise, a plastic water bottle spotted in a promotional picture of period drama Downton Abbey was enough to get the makers to delete that photo.

Fans of Harry Potter have not forgotten him sleeping through a nightmare in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, only to wake up with a button-up henley shirt when a vision of Voldemort’s face startles him. Likewise, a visible cord powering a lamp inside Tara, the massive plantation in which Gone With The Wind is mostly filmed, starts to chip away the premise that the film made in the 1930s is set in the 1860s.

The absurdity of the situation stands out in The Usual Suspects when a scene shows a plane land. While the front landing scene shows the plane with four engines, the rear shows two ‘missing’ engines. A wrongly spelled word in a frame from The Dark Knight Rises has not missed the unsparing eyes of critics. A lead story in The Gotham Times reads ‘Police Suspect ‘Cat’ Burglar In Jewel HIEST’. So Signing off to a perfect error-free movie.

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