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What would Jamuna Dhaki’s Anuradha teach Aparajita Apu’s Abola, if they met?

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

January 30, 2021

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We hope Aparajita Apu’s Abola Mukherjee learns a few things and turns her stone-cold heart into a softer one like that of Jamuna Dhaki’s Anuradha Ray soon.

In Indian households, mothers-in-law become a crucial part of a daughter-in-law’s life. While some women get lucky and are blessed with a mother-like mother-in-law, others are not so fortunate in the department. Jamuna Dhaki‘s Jamuna is a rather lucky woman to have found such a loving and affectionate one like Anuradha Ray. However, Aparajita Apu‘s Suparna has found herself in the grip of a patriarchal and mean Abola Mukherjee.

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Polite and loving

When a woman leaves her own home to live with her husband’s family, the least they expect is cordiality and politeness. Although, Anuradha is more than affectionate and caring of Jamuna, Abola is nowhere close to it. Abola Mukherjee speaks to all of her daughters-in-law in an impolite tone and dominates them at every step of the way. We wish she was nicer to them, but oh well!

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Supportive of pursuing a career

Irrespective of gender, everybody deserves to have a chance at pursuing a career. However, Anuradha and Abola are poles apart when it comes to this. While Anuradha went behind the Ray family’s back time and again to help Jamuna practice her Dhak, Abola believes women belong inside the house. She cannot stand the idea of her daughters-in-law making a career in any field whatsoever.

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Respectful of the daughter-in-law’s family

Anuradha is more than welcoming of Jamuna’s family at all times. However, Abola has only been seen demeaning Suparna’s parents constantly. From passing comments on their financial status to insulting Supu’s educational background, she did not spare them even once.

Aparajita Apu
Source: ZEE5

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A motherly figure

Anuradha is a very protective and loving mother-in-law to Jamuna. She takes stands for her and is always by her side through most things like a true mother would. However, Abola’s approach towards Suparna is that of enmity. Her dominating and heartless behaviour is bound to make any woman miss her own family and be unhappy in such a household.

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