What Was UP Police’s Motive Behind The Hurried Cremation Of The Hathras Victim?

With the family forcefully locked in their home, the police conducted a hush-hush cremation of the deceased victim in an open field in the middle of the night

Raghav N

September 30, 2020

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The forced cremation of the Hathras gangrape victim by the Uttar Pradesh Police has raised serious concerns about the state administration’s credibility. The 19-year-old Dalit girl, who was brutally assaulted on September 14 by four village upper-caste boys, breathed her last on Tuesday. Relatives allege that their daughter was cremated without their permission or their presence in the wee hours of Wednesday morning at around 2.30 am, amidst tight police security.

What is highly questionable is that the UP Police took seven days to file a complaint against the accused, despite the girl and her family reporting the crime to the authorities on the day if its occurrence. Further, another five days were wasted before arresting the four rapists. There is public outrage over the severely delayed First Investigation Report (FIR), while ironically, the police wasted no time in arranging for the deceased woman’s final send off.

According to the grieving family, all the relatives were locked inside their homes amidst repeated desperate requests to bring their daughter home one last time. The ambulance carrying her body from the Delhi hospital was taken straight to an open field and her mortal remains burnt even before her kin could make it there. Not only this, when her uncle and grandfather were let into the highly guarded area at around 4 am in the morning, the police quickly took their photographs as evidence of their attendance at the ritual.

This case has gained national importance after massive criticism over its treatment by the Yogi Adityanath government. Questions remain unanswered as the family struggles to cope with an irreparable loss.

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