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What Makes Pahile Na Me Tula’s Samar And Kundali Bhagya’s Prithvi Seemingly Similar To Each Other- Read!

Tanvi Rumale

May 1, 2021

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See all the similarities between Pahile Na Me Tula’s Samar and Kundali Bhagya’s Prithvi!

Kundali Bhagya’s Prithvi Malhotra is one of the worst villains in Zee history. He has done all kinds of evil things to the Luthras and the Aroras, from kidnapping, killing, to manipulating them. When compared to Pahile Na Me Tula’s Samarpratap, he is a much bigger villain with a lot of incidents in his kitty. Still, we think that Samar is very similar to Prithvi and here are all the things they have in common!

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Their social standing and how they are perceived to be good

Samar is rich and affluent. He is always dressed in impeccable shirts and blazers and even his hair is well-set at all times. he looks well-groomed and respectable and he is the branch manager of Lankari finance. He owns a big car and a driver. He also has his assistant Bhope always around and doing chores for him. Prithvi too comes from a rich family of the Malhotras and in the beginning, was shown to be a very dashing person. He clearly has some history with Rishabh which means that he is rich enough to do business with the Luthras. Both Prithvi and Samar were perceived to be good for this reason.

While Samar still is perceived to be good, Manasi is getting wary of his involvement in her family matters. Prithvi on the other hand is no longer pretending to be nice as Preeta and Karan know his truth. He still maintains a facade for his “wife” Kritika though!

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Their “charm” and interest in multiple women

This charm might not work on the heroines they want, but both these characters seem to exude a mysterious charm that gets them, other women! For Samar, Miss Neelam at work seems to be very taken by him and he also occasionally flirts with her. Prithvi of course has his Sherlyn and he also seemed to have a couple of ex-girlfriends in college who thought he was all that! While viewers hate these two characters, some women really seem to be drawn to them on their shows!

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Their possessiveness and anger issues

Each time Samar sees Aniket and Manasi together he is either seething in anger with his jaw set, or he is smiling cunningly because he already has an evil plan set in motion. He is extremely possessive of Manasi and once even threw a client into a pool for staring at Manasi and being interested in her. He cannot tolerate seeing Manasi with anyone else and it makes him extremely angry when he does. Prithvi too loves Preeta and is always fuming when he sees Karan and Preeta together! He tries to poison Kritika’s mind against Preeta-Karan and even tries to create obstacles between the couple because he is so jealous and angry!

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Both are in love with married women

While Samar might not know it yet, he will soon find out that he has been pining for a married woman. Manasi secretly married Aniket many episodes back as she was afraid they would not be able to be together otherwise. Prithvi is also obviously in love with Preeta, who married Karan instead of him, not once, but twice! Both these villains like women who are married!

What Samar could learn from Prithvi

Prithvi has entered the Luthra house not only to destroy the family but to also be around Preeta. And he has done this by trapping Kritika. Samar can take notes from this. When he finds out that Manasi is married, he could do something similar. We know that Megha has had a tumultuous marriage with Satyajit and wants nothing to do but end it. Samar has already won the favour of Manasi’s family and he could decide to trap Megha as a way to get close to Manasi as well!

Who is your favourite villain?

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