What Makes Bajwa Saab Aka Jaswinder Bhalla From Band Vaaje An Uncle Every Girl Deserves?


April 9, 2020


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The Sarcastic Uncle


We all need one person who can save us from trouble and can sense any hiccups from miles away. Veteran Jaswinder Bhalla, who plays Bajwa Saab in the 2019 hit film Band Vaaje, is the guy any girl or boy deserves as a protector. Bajwa (Bhalla) is a guardian to Bilkis (Mandy Takhar). Here are the qualities that make him an unbeatable guardian that he is. Scroll down to read on.

He’s sarcastic to boot. You have done everything right, you have outdone yourself, but still, your aunt is not happy with your hard work. In such instances, Bajwa Saab can tone down any aunty, just like he does to his wife, Billo Bajwa (Mannat Singh)!

The Saviour Uncle


Bajwa is the most loyal guardian you’ll see. Whenever anyone comes with a marriage proposal for Bilkis, Bajwa Saab has to test him. He can sense the good and bad in a person instantly and he always protects Bilkis from goofy boys. Even his mentally-challenged son Jimmy Bajwa (Rakesh Dhawan) dreams of marrying Bilkis, but Bajwa knows he is not the guy for her and refuses his son’s desires.

The Taskmaster Uncle


When Inder (played by Binnu Dhillon) decides to enter Bilkis’ home, he sneaks in as a cook, unaware of the fact that he will have to deal with Bajwa Saab. Bajwa is such a taskmaster that even Inder gets frustrated and goofs up, getting fired in the process. Bajwa nu banana inna aasan nahi hai. 

The Jasoos Uncle


Do you want to keep an eye on your love, or your crush, or even on your house help? Get some spying tips from Bajwa. He is an expert in getting in and out of places quietly and has eyes everywhere!

The Revengeful Uncle


You can mess with anyone except Bajwa Saab. When Bajwa senses that Inder has other plans in his house, he tries to get him electrocuted, sets a dog on him, and what not! He knows how to take revenge upon anyone who tries to fool him.

The Chameleon Uncle


When Bajwa finds out about Inder and Bilkis, he agrees to lie about his and Bilkis’ identity to Inder’s Beeji (played by Nirmal Rishi). He becomes Bilkis’ father, his wife becomes his sister-in-law, and Bilkis’ mother becomes a Punjaban. The way he acts in front of Beeji makes you believe that his spirit animal would definitely be a chameleon.

These are the qualities that make Jaswinder Bhalla aka Bajwa Saab the best guardian for anyone. Do let us know your favorite moments from Band Vaaje in the comments below.

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