What is National Wear Red Day? Know When and Why this Day is Observed in US

National wear Red day is celebrated in USA on the first Friday of February every year. This year it was celebrated on 5th February. It is celebrated to spread awareness about the heart-related disease among women.

February 25, 2021


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National Wear Red Day is celebrated on February 26 in the UK. It is observed to spread awareness about cardiovascular and other heart-related diseases among women in the United Kingdom. It is celebrated in other countries too, even as dates differ.

National Wear Red Day 2021: Date and Significance of The Day to Raise Awareness About Heart Related Diseases

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute and the American Heart Association in the year 2003, for the first time, started to raise awareness about the diseases through this Day. Heart-related conditions are something that women were not paying much attention to. Since then, every year, this Day is marked as National Wear Red Day to raise awareness about women’s cardiovascular health. What is National Wear Red Day? Know When and Why this Day is Observed in US.

This Day is also recognised on the International platform as a significant day to spread awareness about cardiovascular and other heart and lungs related diseases. Cardiovascular disease causes more than 17.5 million death globally each year; according to WHO, heart month unites millions of people worldwide for a common goal that is eradicating heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular illness.

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‘Go Red for Women’ is celebrated by wearing red colour outfits. On this Day, many people schedule an appointment with a cardiologist to get their cardiovascular health checked. People celebrate this Day by wearing red coloured outfits as a symbol of heart and blood to spread awareness about heart prone disease. There are health checkups on this Day for free or discounted rates. Many health-related NGOs and welfare organisation fundraise to support this fight against cardiovascular disease. In the United Kingdom, Yorkshire based charity Children’s Heart Surgery raises funds to spread awareness of congenital heart disease.

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