What Is E-Sim Card? Know The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Getting One

Ever wondered how far we could go with telecom technology? Past the 4G and 5G technology we now have virtual sim cards!

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November 24, 2020

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In times when everything is becoming digital, it doesn’t come as a surprise that even telecom companies are taking this leap. From being able to get government IDs online without any hassle to locating the smallest of shops through the GPS in your phone, just when we thought that the world has seen the epitome of technology, telecom companies have introduced the concept of an E-Sim.

What is an E-Sim? 

An E-Sim or an electronic sim is the digital version of your physical sim card. Once you download the sim, you don’t have to physically insert it in the sim card slot of your phone. Jio and Vi i.e. Vodafone Idea are leaping towards venturing into the technology. VI, in fact,  has already started these services in states like Goa, Maharashtra, Gujrat, and Delhi. These telecom companies follow a similar process for getting an E-Sim, provided you have a phone that supports this technology. You need to go to their stores and fill out the KYC form to get the E-Sim.

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Advantages of an E-sim

An E-Sim is extremely convenient if you travel internationally frequently. You can do away with the hassle of having to buy a physical sim by going to the store and buy an E-Sim online.

In case you are worried about losing your sim since the cards are really small, you don’t have to worry about losing it anymore since they are virtually embedded in your phone.

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Disadvantages of an e-sim

Given the fact that the technology is in its nascent stage, an E-Sim is costly, especially when compared to the physical sim. It is not very common in the world yet and will take time to become a norm.

Since the technology is not very common and not all phones support it yet, it could take a little while before all mobile phones start supporting it.

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