What Happens When Anu Sends Her Parents Away To Talk To Arya In Prema Entha Madhuram?

Anu has sworn to make things better and win Arya’s love. However, Arya is keen on getting Anu married to Sampath. What does fate have in store for them?

Sneha Bale

July 27, 2020


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Prema Entha Madhuram, the love story we have been waiting for since a long time, has come to a difficult crossroad. Anu and Arya (Varsha and Sriram Venkat) aren’t a perfect match for each other, according to societal rules. But for them, there couldn’t be anything better. Recently, Anu and Arya have acknowledged and accepted their feelings for each other. But as Anu tries to reduce the distance between them, Arya keeps walking away.

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Now, Arya has convinced Anu to marry Sampath and thinks that his problems will be solved after their marriage. On the other hand, Anu has decided to teach Arya a lesson and make him come closer to her. Trying to make things easier, but instead making it even more difficult for each other, Arya requested Subbu and Padma to allow him inside their house. Despite the awkwardness and the hesitation, Subbu agreed to it and Anu decided to take it up as an opportunity.

Raghupathi and Arya in Prema Entha Madhuram
Arya overhears Raghupathi’s conversation in Prema Entha Madhuram (Source: ZEE5)

On the first day itself, Anu sends her parents out and behaves harshly with Arya, in hopes that he will open up. But that’s not what happens. Anu continued taunting him, while Arya enjoyed this carefree side of her. While nothing came out of their conversation, Arya happened to notice something new and unexpected. He heard Raghupathi sharing his true thoughts about Subbu and Anu on a call with the owner of Subbu’s shop.

Will this change how Arya approaches the marriage? Will he try to save Anu and her family? Or will Anu make Arya confess his feelings before the wedding? Let us know in the comments below. Read more about the show here or check out all the episodes of Prema Entha Madhuram on ZEE5, before it airs on TV.

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