What Are Parents Looking For? The Best Education For Their Children With ZEE5 And Eduauraa

ZEE5 brings a brighter educational opportunity for the new age children with the premium interactive digital learning platform, Eduauraa.

Kenneth Carneiro

October 5, 2020


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ZEE5 has lately emerged as your favourite place to binge interesting content. From movies, TV shows, series to short films, we have plenty to offer. Besides various genres, ZEE5 has unique content ideas for audiences of all ages. That’s not it! We understand your eagerness to find more educational yet entertaining content for your little ones, to resolve which we exclusive shows like Science with Brain Cafe, Teenovation and The Art Room. And now, to prioritise education with fun and innovation, ZEE5 has partnered with Eduauraa– a revolutionised digital learning platform.

Have you seen the kid’s special show Science with Brain Cafe yet? Check it out here

While Eduauraa covers various subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Biology separately, it also has study material for classes 6th, 7th and above. Eduauraa takes up a topic most relevant to your little ones’ syllabus and explains it in a more simplified manner. It also aims to make learning fun with innovative ways with animations and diagrams. 

Source: Eduauraa

Eduauraa aims to make education more accessible to students with its collaboration with ZEE5. It’s study materials streaming on the platform are in both Hindi and English for better understanding of students. Some of their interesting ways of teaching include – using 3D animation for Maths, animation to teach more about force and so much more. This solution ensures that children pay attention to what they are learning, not forcefully, but with interest, and also improves their reception ability. 

Source: ZEE5

Doesn’t it sound exciting? Then what are you waiting for? Log into your ZEE5 account, and let your little champs explore these specially designed study material by Eduauraa.

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