What Are Kamali And Her Lookalike Ambi Upto?

Here’s what you need to know before you watch the next episodes of Kamali.


September 17, 2020


3 min


In the previous episodes of Kamali, there is a look-alike of Kamali who is dressed as a policewoman. This new character in the show is not only the opposite of Kamali but has come across as a strong personality that may or may not cross paths will Kamali. Meanwhile, Kamali asks Anika what she should do for her to stop giving Chandru the wrong medication. Kamali gets the least expected answer as Anika tells her that she has to do a very simple thing – sacrificing her love for the sake of Chandru.

Recently, Ambi and Rishi cross paths as she is running on the road and Rishi is driving the car. However, he does not see her face as it is covered and decides to move past her anyway. It is also discovered that Ambi is not really a policewoman but is into coning people in order to make easy money. She uses the help of her friend Govinda so that they can earn a living without really doing anything. Moreover, you must catch the following episodes to see what they do and how they go about conning people as they decide to go and steal a scooter in the night.


Elsewhere, Kamali meets Chandru’s parents who have just recovered from the hospital and are still unaware of his condition. Kamali takes them to his room wherein they notice his behaviour. However, she still has not told them that it is Anika who is feeding him the medicines that are worsening his health instead of making it better.

When Rishi comes home, he sees Kamali crying and asks her why she looks so sad. Before she can say anything, Anika tells him that Kamali has been blaming her for everything that has happened and pretends to cry about the same. Keeping what Anika said in mind, Kamali begins to argue with Rishi so that their relationship gets worse and she can break off their relationship. With a heavy heart, she also asks Rishi to leave. Anika calls her in later and praises her for

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