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We’ve Listed Alternate Career Options For These Characters Which They Should Consider It, Seriously!

Vatsal Thakore

March 17, 2021

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A look at fictional characters of ZEE5 movies and shows, who could have belonged to different professions than the ones we saw them in.

Many times while watching certain fictional characters working in particular professions, we can’t help but wonder – “Arre ise toh yeh nahi, woh karna chahiye tha!” Just some qualities of those characters make us think if they are in the wrong profession and could have performed well in a different one (ah…the social conditioning about professions working its magic on us). Well, giving a little more imagination to that fun little thought, here is a list of some fictional characters, from movies and shows on ZEE5, who could have done better in a different profession.


Sid – Jamai 2.0


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Ravi Dubey in Jamai 2.0, plays the role of Sid, who is a stand-up comedian in season 1. In season 2 of Jamai 2.0, he proceeds to become the head of a business empire. However, when we see him heading the investigation of his sister’s murder, finding the littlest details and uncovering clues, we can’t help but wonder, if he could’ve made a good investigator. Also, he successfully lives with his enemy, winning her trust, while finding out things about her. This is certainly the trait of a good spy!


Devika – Dev DD 2


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Asheema Vardhaan in Dev DD 2, plays the role of Devika Dwivedi, who is a strong and fearless woman. She does not hesitate in standing up for what is right, and also knows how to deal with creeps. Devika works as a delivery agent for her friend Meghna’s business, in Dev DD 2. But, seeing her strong traits, we are sure she would make a perfect influencer (no, she won’t make unnecessary make-up tutorials, she actually has good insights about dealing with society, which could influence a lot of people).


Peeplika – The Married Woman

Monica Dogra in The Married Woman, plays the role of Peeplika Khan. She is a fierce and courageous woman, who is a brilliant artist. She makes some truly nice paintings and also holds successful exhibitions in art galleries. But, her courage comes out at times which demand her standing up for what’s right. Her courage and daring make her a perfect fit for being an activist. Also, through her art, she could further express her activist side.

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Kajal – Crashh


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Aditi Sharma in Crashh plays the role of Kajal, a troubled teenager, who is struggling to deal with life and trying to find her estranged siblings. In her childhood, she gets adopted by a lonely woman, who suffers from severe mental health issues. While Kajal is a normal college student, she has also developed a way of trying to counsel her mother and calming her down in moments of panic. Hence we think, she could very well opt to be a psychology student and work towards being a therapist.


JD – Vijay The Master

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Thalapathy Vijay in Master plays the role of a college professor, JD, who conducts lessons on personality development. JD also proceeds to become a guide and a teacher to the kids in a juvenile detention home. Besides being a good teacher, JD has immense courage, fearlessness, and prowess in fighting and investigating. He also knows to stand up for what is right. JD could make for a perfect cop. With his righteousness, investigation skills, and fighting skills, criminals are sure to cower in fear.


Roshni – Jamai 2.0


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Nia Sharma in Jamai 2.0 plays the role of Roshni, who is the daughter of DD Patel, a fierce woman who runs a business empire. While Roshni in Jamai 2.0 season 2 finds out about Sid’s agenda and realizes that he is after her brother, she makes a decision to defend him. Sid thinks that Roshni’s brother killed his sister, and Roshni feels that her brother couldn’t hurt a fly. Amidst this discussion, she defends her brother in front of Sid so well, that at moments, he too finds himself confused about his accusations (and he has lived for years with this thought in mind). This just comes to show how good of a lawyer Roshni could be!

Aastha – The Married Woman

Ridhi Dogra in The Married Woman, plays the role of Aastha, who is a simple woman, bound in her married life. She is also a teacher, a playwright, and a homemaker. There are moments in her life when Aastha finds herself lonely and talks to her plants to feel companionship. With so many things that Aastha has to express, and with her talent as a playwright, she could very well be a full-time writer! She can choose these words as escapism and to let out her one too many feelings.

Amarpal Singh – Rangbaaz Phirse

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Jimmy Sheirgill in Rangbaaz Phirse, plays the role of Amarpal Singh, an influential gangster. He was a UPSC aspirant, who was falsely framed in his youth, and because of some immoral political practices going on, loses his righteous path. He then becomes a hardened criminal and a full-time gangster, who deals with illegal liquor supply. However, Amarpal still remains an influential person, and with his immense knowledge that he gained during his study for UPSC, he could still make for a great political leader.

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