West Bengal Experiences Heavy Rainfall, Roads And Cars Submerge Under Water

As per the weather department, many cities of West Bengal might experience heavy rainfalls in the coming few days. Read on.

Aboli Vaze

June 22, 2021

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After the onset of the Monsoon in many regions of India, West Bengal has been affected the most so far. As per reports, roads in many parts of Kolkata have submerged in water due to the rains. Amid the pandemic situation, heavy rainfalls have increased the concern of residents in the state. As per the weather department, many cities of West Bengal might experience heavy rainfalls in the coming few days.

A local resident said that it is very difficult to commute because of the water. He said, ‘it is very problematic for huge vehicles to move. We don’t get cars or taxis..’ The report suggests that people are afraid to walk on these roads fearing their safety. Low-rise areas have been completely submerged in water in some regions of West Bengal.

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A local resident said, “there are a lot of problems. Everywhere the roads are filled with water and the water level is not decreasing. In this situation, I have to go to the office that is why it is very difficult …” Another local resident said that whenever it rains in his area, roads get filled with water and sometimes his vehicle stops working because of it further increasing his problems.

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A few visuals of the Bengal rains reveal how gravely some parts have been affected. The water level in many rivers has increased drastically and bridges are getting washed away due to the overflowing rivers. Another video showed 4-5 people ferrying a cart between two roads. However, their journey seems to be rather impossible due to the flowing water submerging the roads. One of the men pushing the cart even lost his balance and started getting carried away with the water. However, he managed to bring himself to safety soon after.

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In another video, a car can be seen getting completely submerged near a railway bridge, As per reports, the driver was about to drown but was rescued before that happened. Some of the rivers in West Bengal whose water level has increased include Ajay, Brahmani, Shilabati, Subarnarekha, Kansabati, and more. Due to this, there is a possibility that the nearby areas might experience floods soon.

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