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Tamil horror movies to binge-watch!


Lisa decides to get her mother remarried and seeks her grandparents' blessings. However, supernatural things await her!

SAthura Adi 3500

Karuna, a police officer, sets out to investigate the suspicious death of a young man, Stephen. But trouble begins when he gets terrorised by Stephen's ghost.

Devi 2

Devi starts suspecting her husband, Krishna, of infidelity when she notices him with two other women and unearths a horrifying truth when she investigates.


Raheem gets killed when he tries to save a blind man in a train. When the police close the case stating suicide, Raheem's girlfriend asks Shivalingeshwaran, a CID officer, to investigate the death.


Shaktivel is a horredy about a young man, wishes to become a police officer. However, he faces many challenges in his quest due to a speech disorder caused by a spirit!


Jeevanand goes to live in an old house in Ooty with his wife and nephew hoping to find inspiration to pen a script. However, strange events begin unfolding in the house which are linked to his past.


Chanchala Reddy, an IAS officer, is imprisoned in a haunted house for interrogation. However, things take an unexpected turn when she gets possessed by a spirit.

Nagesh tries to make his ends meet by working as a real estate broker. He tries to sell his ancestral property for his sister's wedding but soon paranormal occurrences become a part of his life.

Nagesh Thiraiyarangam


Vaishnavi and Sandeep, a couple, are engaged. However, things spiral out of control when she gets possessed by her dead lookalike, who thirsts for revenge against Sandeep.

Four friends, who are unemployed, are in desperate need of money. When one of them, Azhagu, decides to kidnap his niece for ransom, they land in deep trouble.

onaaigal jaakiraDhai


When Thulasi played by Sai Pallavi gets pregnant before marriage, she is forced to abort the baby. Years later, her unborn baby’s spirit comes back to haunt everyone.


Sakthi lives with her six-year-old daughter Adhithi after getting separated from her husband. Things become worse when Adhithi starts hearing voices and gets attached to a ghostly figure.


Jai brings his friends to his house for shelter. His friends soon realise that Jai's wife, Lekha, is dead long ago but still stays in the house in the form of a ghost.

A young couple is all set to get married, but an evil businessman and his henchmen brutally kill them. The lovers then return as spirits to exact revenge on their perpetrators.