the different phases of Mohanlal

Mohanlal is, without a doubt, one of the biggest stars in the Malayalam industry.

The actor has done nearly 200 movies and is considered a legend in the industry.

The actor is known for his variations and skillsets in fields beyond acting.

It is unsurprising that the actor has many faces that we all adore.

Mohanlal is an ardent traveller who loves spending quality time in historic locations.

The actor is a gym freak and loves proving that age is just a number, with his workout pictures.

Mohanlal's appearance as a TV host brings out the best of his tough persona. 

During the lockdown, he embraced being the 'master' and spent some quality time with his pets. 

Mohanlal's composed voice makes him a lively singer who enjoys the stage at award nights.

Mohanlal is an outright foodie who loves to don the chef's hat every now and then. 

Mohanlal's martial arts skill is well-known and he loves to flaunt the same.

Mohanlal's character transformations for movies are unrivalled in the industry.

The actor's character reinvention for Ittimani From China had left his fans in awe. 

Mohanlal is yet again ready to surprise fans with a complete makeover in Marakkar.