Source - Shahid Kapoor Instagram

40 unknown facts about Shahid Kapoor on the occasion of his 40th birthday!

Fact #1

Shahid loves riding bikes and bicyles and is a part of a biker gang that includes Kunal Kemmu.

Fact #2

Fact #3

Bollywood actors Imaaddudin Shah and Vivaan Shah are his cousins.

Fact #4

Shahid loves playing cricket and other sports in real life too.

Fact #5

Before bagging his first film, he was rejected 'a hundred times' in his auditions.

Fact #6

Fact #7

He was the first choice for the movie 'Style' but declined it.

Fact #8

Fact #9

He loves dancing and joined Shiamak Davar's dance academy at a young age.

Fact #10

Fact #11

Kabir Singh and Padmaavat are two of his highest-grossing films.

Fact #12

He is a is self-proclaimed Disney fan and loves watching reruns with his wife and kids.

Fact #13

Shahid loves wearing watches and has an amazing collection.

Fact #14

His wife Mira's mother initially thought the Kapoors had approached the Rajputs for Shahid's younger brother's marriage.

Fact #15

According to his wife Mira, Shahid burps a lot!

Fact #16

Shahid was a background dancer in Taal and Dil Toh Pagal Hai.

Fact #17

Shahid was quite scared to play a college student at 38 in Kabir Singh.

Fact #18

According to his wife, he isn't quite a texter and makes a 'zillion typos.'

Fact #19

Shahid once revealed that his first heartbreak was in 9th std.

Fact #20

Love is the strongest and most important emotion in life, according to him.

Fact #21

Shahid is a dog lover and has had many of them.

Fact #22

Shahid supports the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals organization.

Fact #23

Shahid is an 'impulsive' shopper, he never decides what to buy before shopping. 

Fact #24

Shahid loves working out and says 'fitness was a part' of him even before he became an actor.

Fact #25

Shahid thinks it's important to obsess with how one is 'feeling', instead of 'looking'.

Fact #26

His first-ever paycheck was when he was only 7!

Fact #27

Shahid Kapoor is a vegan and decided to give up meat after reading a book.

Fact #28

His first audition was for a 'Pepsi' commercial.

Fact #29

He was once a 'tree' for a school play and he performed the 'heck out of it'.

Fact #30

Shahid first saw a picture of his wife Mira before actually meeting her in person.

Fact #31

The first thing Shahid does after waking up is check time on the phone.

Fact #32

He was quite 'average' as a student! The actor made this revelation during one of his interviews. 

Fact #33

Shahid's last name on his passport is actually 'Khattar'.

Fact #34

His grandparents were journalists for the Russian magazine Sputnik..

Fact #35

He has completed his schooling at Gyan Bharati School and Rajhans Vidyalaya.

Fact #36

He was actually the first choice for the role of Kaali Pratap Singh in Kaal.

Fact #37

He is the nephew of actor Azeem Pasha from Hamara Ghar.

Fact #38

He signed the film Welcome when it was titled "Pyar Kiye Jaa" in 2005, but got replaced by Akshay Kumar later.

Fact #39

In 2019, his wax figure statue was inaugurated at Madame Tussauds in Singapore.

Fact #40

Shahid met his wife through a religious group - Radha Soami Satsang Beas.