‘We Will Only Talk To India If Article 370 Restores To Status Quo’ Says Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi

As per the reports, there appear to be ‘mixed signals’ coming from Islamabad after Shah Mahmood Qureshi’s statement. Read.

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May 13, 2021

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Last week, the Foreign Minister of Pakistan Shah Mahmood Qureshi, reportedly made a ‘major concession’ on Jammu and Kashmir. He admitted that India’s decision to revoke Article 370 was an internal matter. However, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has reportedly backpedalled now saying, ‘Pakistan will not engage with India unless Jammu and Kashmir’s statehood is reinstated’. Watch the news video below to find out more details.

As per the reports, there appear to be ‘mixed signals’ coming from Islamabad. Qureshi’s comments have reportedly triggered speculation that Pakistan was ‘softening its stance on  Jammu and Kashmir’. However, the nation’s Prime Minister has ruled out this possibility yet again with his remarks.

After Imran Khan’s statement, even Shah Mahmood Qureshi has taken back his words. He now says, ‘Jammu and Kashmir’s status cannot be India’s internal matter’. As per the reports, he said, “Pakistan has not taken a U-turn and neither will it take one…How can a matter that is on the agenda at the U.N security council be India’s internal issue?”.

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Reports claim that these comments have been made after Imran Khan’s visit to Saudi Arabia. The nation’s ties to Pakistan have reportedly weakened recently. Due to this reason, the Prime Minister flew to Saudi Arabia for making amends. Reports suggest that Islamabad is ‘keen’ on getting Saudi Arabia involved in Indo-Pak talks. Imran Khan said in a press conference that if any nation is willing to facilitate the talk, then Pakistan ‘would welcome it’.

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Even though Saudi Arabia has excellent ties with India, the Indian government believes this is a bilateral issue. That is why the government has ‘rejected third party interventions’ several times. In the last few months, Pakistan is reportedly hinting that the nation will resume talks with India.

As per the reports, Pakistan’s Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa has ‘pushed for peace’. He has said that a stable Indo-Pak relationship is the ‘key’ to unlocking South Asia’s potential.

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