We Bet You Did Not See These Plot Twists Coming In Ram Charan’s Bruce Lee: The Fighter

Twist after twist after twist. Here’s listing all of what we just love about this hit movie, also starring megastar Chiranjeevi.

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May 26, 2019


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The 2017 hit Telugu film, Bruce Lee: The Fighter, starring Ram Charan and Rakul Preet Singh in the lead roles, is the perfect amalgamation of all genres. The Telugu movie is a masala entertainer which is beautifully conceptualised. Bruce Lee: The Fighter keeps revealing secrets and hidden truths and that is what keeps us hooked. Because, here, you truly have no idea what is going to happen next. We did a quick recap of all the revelations in the film.

We see Ram Charan as Kartik, the little boy who fails his exams purposely only to make way for sister’s education. Years later, we see him as a cop beating up the bad guys. But, he is no cop! In fact, he is just a stuntman who earns the title of Bruce Lee.

Ram Charan In A Fight Scene From Bruce Lee The Fighter
Ram Charan in a scene from Bruce Lee: The Fighter (Source: ZEE5)

Rakul Preet’s character Ria Rao considers Kartik to be a real hero, a police officer — which he isn’t. But he plays along. She calls him and tells him about being kidnapped and asks for help. When he makes it to the location, they have to deal with a bunch of mafia goons. Hold on to this.

Rakulpreet In Bruce Lee The Fighter With Ram Charan
Rakul Preet Singh in a scene from the movie (Source: ZEE5)

Much later in the film, Ria and Kartik accept their feelings for each other. Ria initiates the next step and asks Kartik to meet her family. There he meets the head of the police department, Ria father, played by Mukesh Rishi. Kartik freaks out because he cannot fake a story to a man so powerful. Now, instead of blasting him, her father takes him aside and assigns a secret mission to complete for the department.

Bruce Lee The Fighter Stills
Mukesh Rishi in a scene from Bruce Lee: The Fighter (Source: ZEE5)

Kartik happily accepts the task as it includes people close his family — his father Rama Rao’s boss Jayraj, played Sampath Raj. Kartik’s father, played by Rao Ramesh, has been a loyal employee of Vasundhara Pharmaceuticals for over 25 years. Considering his loyalty and honesty, the company even felicitates him. Hold on, again!

Bruce Lee The Fighter Stills
A still of Bruce Lee: The Fighter (Source: ZEE5)

In the same felicitation ceremony, Jayraj’s son Rahul sees Rama Rao’s daughter Kavya, played by Kriti Kharbanda. Equally impressed with everything about Rama Rao, they agree to ask for Kavya’s hand in marriage with Rahul. Just before their engagement, Kartik joins Jayraj’s business as just another employee. But the real mission is to stay close to Jayraj and watch his moves — a command from Ria’s father for the secret mission.

Bruce Lee The Fighter Stills
A scene from the movie (Source: ZEE5)

Jayraj has been with two wives all these years and nobody knew. He had bigger plans. He married the daughter of the owner of Vasundhara Pharmaceuticals only so that one day he could take away all the money and live with his first wife, the woman he loved. Now, Kartik’s scheme of making Jayraj watch his first wife get beaten up makes him furious and he blabbers about his first wife in front of everyone — mission successful!

Bruce Lee The Fighter Stills
A scene from Bruce Lee: The Fighter (Source: ZEE5)

A little later, Jayraj realises that all his losses have been because of Kartik — who he confused to be someone else. Jayraj plans to kill everyone, Kartik, his second wife, Rahul and Kavya, so that there is no one to stop him from getting what he wants. And he manages to do that. Or… so we thought.

A Still From Bruce Lee The Fighter With Ram Charan
Ram Charan in Bruce Lee: The Fighter (Source: ZEE5)

Even as Jayraj was preparing to act devastated in front of the three caskets carrying the dead bodies of his family members, he gets a new surprise. It has bodies of his injured goons. Even after being shot at, Kartik shows up at the ship where his sister and her in-laws were in captivity. He saves them and returns to Jayraj to narrate his filmy move.

Bruce Lee The Fighter Stills
Ram Charan and Sampath Raj in Bruce Lee: The Fighter (Source: ZEE5)

He mentions that the blood on his body was fake blood used in movies. The loyal and corrupt inspector standing next to him was, in fact, a lookalike of his guru on sets. The bullets that were fired by Deepak — his son from his first wife — were only sounds and the blood-spill caused was with the help of a remote control which was in the hands of his guruji.

Bruce Lee The Fighter Stills
A still from the movie (Source: ZEE5)

Jayraj is livid about getting defeated so many times by a mere boy. He plans to take revenge and calls him to tell that his father and girlfriend are in danger. Kartik arrives there and sees his father being stabbed in front of him. Jayraj tells him that he has 15 minutes and one choice — “save your dying father or your girlfriend surrounded by my men.” And Kartik chooses his father. Or… so we thought!

Bruce Lee The Fighter Stills
A still from Bruce Lee: The Fighter (Source: ZEE5)

On his way to the hospital with his father, Kartik — just another stuntman, calls megastar Chiranjeevi to rescue his girlfriend. And the rest as they say, is history.

Still From Bruce Lee The Fighter Ft Chiranjeevi
Chiranjeevi in a scene from Bruce Lee: The Fighter (Source: ZEE5)

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