Watch: Youth Dives Into Flooded River In Bagalkot

The youth can be seen doing a front flip before hitting the water.

Sohil Nikam

August 10, 2020

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A viral video has come forth from Bagalkot in Karnataka in which a youth can be seen taking a dive into the flooded waters of a river. The man in question is quite an acrobat as he even does a front flip before hitting the water. The video shows a man running across a bridge and diving into the river beneath, which is flooded due to the heavy rains that have been lashing Karnataka these past few days.

The river has been identified as the Ghataprabha river but the identity of the youth remains a mystery. Judging by his diving skills, it’s easy to infer that he was able to swim out of the flooded water immediately. Torrential rains and floods have hit the state of Karnataka hard. Preliminary estimates peg the losses at Rs 3,500-4,000 crores, with the state government now ready to seek immediate relief from the Centre.

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