Watch: Wild Gorilla Brings Moving Traffic To A Halt

See how an older, massive gorilla stopped and waited in the middle of a road for its family to cross it.

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

May 10, 2021

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Animals are known for possessing similar protective and dominant instincts over their families, just as human beings do. Animals often showcase such characteristics, which get caught on camera by people and eventually go viral as well. One such video of some gorillas once went viral, wherein a gorilla was seen standing in the middle of a road to let his family cross it, bringing passing traffic to a stop.

Watch the video here:

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A video that once went viral on the internet, showed how a huge wild gorilla stopped in the middle of a road to let his family cross it safely. While the said gorilla was also crossing the road along with his family initially, he suddenly stopped right in the middle. Other gorillas from his family, of different sizes and ages, continued to cross the road without any hesitation as it waited for all of them to get across. Such an act showcased the inherent protectiveness that every animal possesses with regards to its loved ones.

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This act was also that of certain dominance, that this particular gorilla surely had over its family. He stood there, tall and confident for them. After stopping, the massive and powerful-looking gorilla did not make any movements and simply waited. It stayed still at his spot on the road, as more of his family members crossed it. A huge truck and a few other vehicles could be seen waiting in the distance, for these animals to cross the road, so they could pass. Several people were also seen standing on the road, waiting for the same. It is not a rare sight where vehicles stop and wait to pass, for wild animals crossing that are crossing roads. This was one such moment for the human beings who witnessed it take place.

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