Watch Video: Hunter Biden Opens Up On His Battle With Alcohol Addiction, Says, “Dad Saved Me So Many Times”

The 51-year-old Hunter Biden talked about his complicated life and how the trauma of his mother and sister’s death propelled him to drug and alcohol addiction.

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April 6, 2021

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Hunter Biden, the second son of US President Joe Biden recently opened up about his traumatic life. The 51-year-old, in an interview with BBC, discussed various aspects of his life. He also talked about how he dealt with the trauma of his mother and sister’s accidental death which ultimately fueled his drug and alcohol addiction. Also, his brother Beau’s death led him to “a really dark, dark place” but eventually his father became his saviour.

Hunter who’s currently promoting his memoir ‘Beautiful Things’ opened up on how his father supported him in battling his addiction. As seen in the video, Biden talked about two kinds of pandemics that he believes are in existence. He said, “We’re going through two pandemics right now… there’s the pandemic of coronavirus, and there’s a pandemic of addiction too.”

Furthermore, Biden talked about the traumatic side of his life and how it led to his drug and alcohol addiction. Hunter’s mother and sister died in a car accident in 1972 which he and his brother survived. “There’s something at the centre of each addict that’s missing, that they feel that they need to fill. Nothing can possibly fill it. And so you numb yourself,” he said.

In 2015, after his brother Beau died of cancer, Biden said he felt like entering “a really dark, dark place”. He was quoted saying, “My brother had just died, I’d separated with my wife, I was in an apartment by myself, and I was basically drinking myself to death. It was awful. I mean, grief does funny things. And combine that with addiction and it is a really hard thing to overcome.”

Talking about his relationship with his father Joe Biden, Hunter said that he “never let me go”. He revealed that after his brother Beau’s death, his father was always there for him. Hunter added, “He saved me then and he saved me so many times.”

For those unaware, Hunter Biden’s memoir ‘Beautiful Things’ gives a detailed insight into his problematic side of life and how his father became a guiding light for him.

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