Watch these hilarious episodes from Mirakkel Akkel Challenger before the new season is launched on 11 October

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October 10, 2020


3 min


Mirakkel Akkel Challenger 10.0 , the latest season of the popular Bengali comedy TV show Mirakkel Akkel Challenger, will back after four years this October 11! The latest season has a whole new avatar. Of course, it will continue to be hosted by actor and comedian Mir Afsar Ali, for what is Mirakkel without Mir? The panel of judges on Mirakkel Akkel Challenger 10.0 will include Kaali stars Paoli Dam and Rudranil Ghosh, and Harano Prapti actor Soham Chakraborty. As you wait for Mirakkel Akkel Challenger 10.0, here is a compilation of episodes from the previous seasons that will leave you in splits. Enjoy!

1. Comedy galore

In this episode of Mirakkel Akkel Challenger Season 9, host Mir welcomes judges Param Bandyopadhyay, Sreelekha Mitra and Ronny Da. Then, a slew of performances by Utpal, Apurba Roy, Kamruddin Arman, Emon and Tanzila, Mohammadul and Kaju, who are the participants of the day, follow. They display their extraordinary talent by amusing the audience with their totally absurd comic lines. To know who gets the best comments from the judges for the day, watch this episode.

2. Laugh riot

In this episode, contestants Purokayastha, Tanzila Koli and Debjani Roy, Saidur-Rehman-Paval, Supriyo Sarkar, Kaikobaat, Babin and Preetam take the stage for a chance to entertain us, and do they succeed! Get ready for an epic session of rib-tickling jokes which are sure to draw endless giggles and helpless laughter.

3. High on humour

In this episode from Mirakkel Akkel Challenger Season 8, Mir is back along with actors Paran Bandyopadhyay and Rajatava Dutta on the panel of judges. This episode will make you crack up with its goofy and extremely entertaining humour.

4. Lighten up, brighten up

Treat yourself to another super entertaining session of comedy and laughter with this special episode from Mirakkel Akkel Challenger Season 7. Watch the contestants perform various fun challenges and deliver their best in stand-up comedy, and lift your mood enormously.

Which of these episodes from Mirakkel Akkel Challenger did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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