Watch The Latest Promo Of The Zee Bangla TV Serial Alo Chhaya Which Shows Baban And Chhaya’s Shocking Wedding

The popular Bengali TV show starring actor Debadrita Basu in the lead has just dropped an enthralling promo featuring the menacing Baban. Check it out!


July 29, 2020


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The latest Zee Bangla TV serial Alo Chhaya has just got a new promo! The popular TV show, which centres around the lead character Alo (played by Debadrita Basu) and her best friend Chhaya (played by Oindrila Bose), who is like her sister, is currently at its most dramatic peak! This is because Chhaya has been romancing Baban, Alo’s brother-in-law, who has turned out to be a full-fledged criminal and an abusive manipulator. Alo fears for Chhaya’s safety, but the latter is blind to Baban’s faults and refuses to hear a word against him. Alo is determined to expose Baban and protect her friend, but this is proving to be tougher than she had imagined. In a shocking twist one day, Baban suddenly urges Chhaya to marry him within 30 minutes, or risk losing him forever!

Watch the latest promo of Alo Chhaya right here:

In the promo, we see Alo taking a vow out loud to put a stop to Baban’s evil doings and reveal his true colours to everybody. At this, a creepy Baban pipes up to ask Alo, his Chhoto Boudibhai, if she is talking about him. Alo responds by angrily demanding to know where Chhaya is. As soon as she says this, Chhaya emerges from behind Baban, decked in her wedding finery– red saree, flower garlands, sindoor and all. The sight of her suddenly married friend stuns Alo who gasps in shock and dismay.

Alo Chhaya
Source: ZEE5

Baban and Chhaya’s rush to tie the knot has upset most of Alo’s plans to bring justice as soon as possible, and made the already delicate situation all the more complicated! Alo has to think twice about moving forward with taking Baban to task, as he has threatened her with causing vicious harm to his new bride if she dares to expose him to his family. All of the evidence that Alo has collected against Baban has to be guarded safely. She now needs to wait for the correct opportunity to unveil proof of all of his crimes before the world, or jeopardize her relationship with Chhaya, which is already going through its worst patch at the moment!

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