Watch The Bicchoo Ka Khel Cast Gear Up For Some Diwali Bawaal

Diwali is almost here and our Bicchoo Ka Khel stars Divyendu Sharma and Anshul Chauhan are having a blast while promoting their show.

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November 11, 2020

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Diwali is right around the corner and with that, the release of a ZEE5 original Bicchoo Ka Khel starring Divyendu Sharma is also nearing. All set to premiere on November 18, 2020, the star cast of Bicchoo Ka Khel is in the mode for full-fledged promotions.

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The actors were last seen taking the blessings of the holy river Ganga in Varanasi. By the ghats of Ganga Divyendu Sharma who plays Bicchoo and Anshul who plays Rashmi left no leaf unturned when it came to participating in the Ganga Aarti. Check these pictures from the aarti taken on November 9, 2020. Divyendu and Anshul can be seen at the forefront of all customs performed during the Ganga aarti.

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ZEE5 premium recently shared a picture of Divyendu Sharma on their Instagram page, captioned ” Na kar payega koi sawaal, dikhayenge apna kamaal, comments mein continue kee jiye pleej! ” clearly stating that this Diwali will be a ‘Bawal’ with Bicchoo Ka Khel


About Bicchoo Ka Khel 

What happens when a young student loses his father to a cover-up? Can he find it in himself to forget the past and move on, or is revenge the only thing that can give him some peace of mind? Get ready to meet Akhil aka Bicchoo, a street-smart law student who becomes a prime suspect in a murder investigation, after he shoots the people responsible for his father’s miseries. Find out what happens next in Bicchoo Ka Khel life, an edge-of-the-seat ZEE5 Original starring Divyendu Sharma, Anshul Chauhan, Mukul Chadda, and Satyajit Sharma. Premieres 18th November 2020.

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