Watch Sanjay Dubey’s Inspiring Story Of Getting Successful After Losing A Leg

Sanjay Dubey inspires many with his determination and passion to do something on his own. Take a look at his inspiring tale of grit.

Aditi Sharma

March 5, 2021

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Time and again, several inspiring stories of people pave their way to social media. From a street vendor to a popular personality, everyone has their own struggles. Recently, one such inspiring story is going viral on the internet. Sanjay Dubey who sells Italian cuisine in Delhi has struggled a lot in his life, however, he didn’t lose hope. Take a look at his inspiring tale of grit and determination.

Sanjay used to work for the container corporation for seven years when he decided to get married. However, a tragic incident changed his life forever. He met with an accident and lost a leg. He was on bed rest for a whole year without any proper source of income. He had lost all his hope and didn’t know how to get up again.

Sanjay Dubey is a resident of Pratapgrah, Uttar Pradesh. After he had lost all hope, he decided to pick himself up and suit his life in his favour. He moved to Delhi for a better life. In 2015, he got himself artificial limbs and decided to earn again. He learned to make Italian cuisine for six months and opened a food stall in Bhagwan Nagar by investing Rs 20K. However, lockdown made his business go down again.

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Sanjay describes the months during the lockdown period as agonizing and spent his last penny on starting from scratch. He said, “I didn’t know what hit me when the lockdown began. I spent a few months in Delhi but then had to go back to my village because I ran out of money.”

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He overcame his feelings of restlessness about his food venture by formulating a plan to start over once the lockdown ended. “I had to borrow money from family and friends and with an investment of Rs 50,000 I started out once again,” he says. As Sanjay cannot work alone, he requested his uncle to help him with his stall in Delhi.

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