Watch: Man Jumps Into A Well To Save A ‘Drowning’ Cobra, Netizens Applaud His Bravery

Netizens applaud a selfless group of men who saves a drowning Cobra from inside a well.

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February 19, 2021

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Positivity on social media is hard to find these days amidst all the chaos happening around us. In what is a simple yet powerful act, a man jumped into a well to save a ‘drowning’ cobra. The video that restores one’s faith in humanity has taken the internet by storm and is indeed a joy to watch. The short video that is doing rounds on Twitter which showcases a group of selfless men trying to save a cobra that got itself stuck inside a concrete wall.

Watch the full story here:

In the video, a group of men can be seen risking their lives to save a snake from drowning. The one-minute-long clip shows a group of men sitting over the well while one of them jumps inside attempting to rescue the snake. While, this guy tried to reroute the snake in a direction, one of his friends stepped down giving a hand to the snake.

The man who climbed down the stairs of the well, hung on to them while catching the snake by its tail and taking it out of the well. At the end of the rare event, the cobra was saved and out of the water-filled well. The video was originally shared by Naveed Trumboo, from Indian Revenue Service, and was an instant hit as multiple users retweeted it along with applauses for the group of men behind the act.

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Towards the end of the video, the man who held the snake can be seen passing it to a friend who then releases it into the wild, clearing all doubts regarding the men’s motives. By now, the clip has garnered more than 2 lakh views on Twitter and has been retweeted more than 4000 times. Netizens commented on the selfless and brave act of the group to save a fellow living being.

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