Watch: Cow Snatches Calf From Leopard’s Clutches

The cow was travelling with its herd when leopard had attacked.

Sohil Nikam

September 7, 2020

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A video going viral right now shows a cow rescuing a calf from the clutches of a leopard, thus saving its life. The incident that has been captured on CCTV took place in Rajasthan’s Sri Ganganagar area. The cow was travelling with its herd when the leopard attacked. While it managed to escape along with the other cows, the calf was left behind. The leopard quickly lept at the calf, however, the cow came back along with a few other cows and scared the leopard away.

Leopard sightings are commonplace in many locations within Rajasthan. Last year, several instances of leopards attacking villagers had come forth from Ajmer, Nagaur, Sikar and Udaipur districts. Forest officials have to spring into action when leopards stray into human habitats, to capture them and reintroduce them to their natural habitats. The situation is similar to a number of areas in Mumbai, where leopards inhabiting the forests of Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Aarey Colony routinely scare residents living around those areas.

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