Watch: Anupam Kher’s Mother Is Unafraid, As She Proceeds Towards Getting Her First Dose Of COVID-19 Vaccine

Anupam Kher and his mother, Smt Dulari Kher get into fun banter with each other and the doctor, as she proceeds towards her vaccination.

Vatsal Thakore

April 6, 2021

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As the COVID-19 vaccinations have been going very actively in India, multiple people have uploaded their pictures and videos of getting themselves vaccinated. Recently, actor Anupam Kher also shared a video of his mother, Smt. Dulari Kher, getting vaccinated. As the two proceeded towards her vaccination, they indulged in fun banter with each other and the doctors. Read on to know more about it.

Watch the whole video here:

Actor Anupam Kher recently accompanied his mother, Dulari Kher, to her COVID-19 vaccination, in the clinic. He was shooting a video of his mother talking to the consulting doctor, Dr Shikha Singh, who was guiding her about how to take care after getting the first dose of the vaccine. As the doctor said, “You need to take a lot of rest and stay relaxed,” she replied, saying, “Main bahut aaram se rehti hoon (I stay very relaxed).”

About getting vaccinated, Smt Dulari Kher, can also be heard saying to the doctor, “Main nahi darti (I am not scared).” Further in the conversation, she was also told by the doctor to not take tension or stress regarding anything, to which, she replied, “Mujhe tension hai nai kisi cheez ka (I am not tensed by anything).” The consulting doctor then told her, “Everyone should be like you.”

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The video then shows her sitting for the vaccine, waiting for the doctor to ready the injection. At that time, she gets into another fun banter with son Anupam Kher, as she tells him, “Hansata rehta hai tu (You keep making me laugh).” The doctor, Dr Shikha Singh, loved her for her spirit and her outlook on life.

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